The Role of SEO Techniques to Enhanced Performance and Improved Ranking for Intelli-Web Shop


  • Muhammad Noman khalid Bahria University, Karachi
  • Hira Beenish Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology
  • Muhammad Iqbal Bahria University, Karachi
  • Kamran Rasheed Bahria University, Karachi


Search Engine Optimization, Website Performance testing, SEO in Ecommerce sites


The use of internet is gaining popularity berceuse of people freedom to connect each other and ultimately shrink the physical boundaries between different societies. This virtual world has a wide-ranging impact on communication since its rise and globalization. Additionally, it also brings new possibilities to individuals and companies who are mostly keeping in touch with web. Due to extensive use of internet, the web holds an immeasurable amount of data and search engines (se) are essential tools for finding, sorting, storing and ranking the value of that data on the web. The potential of SEO is very significant because search engine, such as google, bing, baidu, yahoo and their results routes end users drive a major portion of web traffic to specific website. Due to the vital role of SEs, search results have become more decisive for website owners to compete with other rivals. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key process for getting better online visibility on search results from SEs. After employing SEO, website owners believe that their website position will appear before their rivals. Hence, there is inherent requirement for website developers to follow and apply SEO guidelines to address ranking issue. The objective of this study is to technically justify the importance of different search engine and SEO. In addition, we have outlined factors and improvement techniques that are helpful in both perspective (development & se). In order to evaluate result we have designed tool that is based on SEO methods (on, off page) which will be helpful for website testing. Results attained from our experimental work demonstrates the significance of key SEO factors and this study concluded that WordPress and CMS (content management system) platform is closer to the search engine. Furthermore, if a website is develop through these will achieve.