Ontology Based System for Expert Searching in Academia using SWRL and SPARQL


  • Furqan Hussain Essani Institute of Business Administration, Karachi
  • Quratulain Rajput Institute of Business Administration, Karachi


Expert searching, Ontology, SPARQL, SWRL


Searching an expert with relevant experience and expertise is an important and a challenging task in academics. A lot of work has been carried out in this regard, however the semantic web technologies for modelling the information to search an expert is not being explored extensively. This paper proposed an ontology based system to search an academic expert of a particular field of study. The system comprised of the ontology which consists of an academic contribution of an individual. Additionally, SWRL (Semantic Web Rule Language) rules were created based on the academic contribution as publications made by an individual to infer their field of expertise. Finally, the SPARQL queries were performed to search an expert. This research developed a tool to experiment the proposed system and used IEEE explore Digital Library to retrieve academic contribution of an individual. The ontology based system of an expert searching is foundan efficient in terms of reducing the data modelling cost and making the system easily extendable and reusable for other applications.