• Tariq Mahmood Institute of Business Administration
  • Tatheer Fatima Institute of Business Administration, Karachi



machine learning, concept drift, systematic literature review, streaming data


World is generating immeasurable amount of data every minute, that needs to be analyzed for better decision making. In order to fulfil this demand of faster analytics, businesses are adopting efficient stream processing and machine learning techniques. However, data streams are particularly challenging to handle. One of the prominent problems faced while dealing with streaming data is concept drift. Concept drift is described as, an unexpected change in the underlying distribution of the streaming data that can be observed as time passes. In this work, we have conducted a systematic literature review to discover several methods that deal with the problem of concept drift. Most frequently used supervised and unsupervised techniques have been reviewed and we have also surveyed commonly used publicly available artificial and real-world datasets that are used to deal with concept drift issues.


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