Design and implementation of monitoring system for paralysis patient using IoT


  • Hira Beenish Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology
  • Fakeha Nasar Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology
  • Ehsan Sheikh Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology
  • Muhammad Fahad Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology



Internet of things, healthcare monitoring, wearable devices, gyro sensors, flex sensors


Internet of things represents a catch line of smart applications. At the same time it plays a leading role in the health care systems, as it provides the connectivity of the distant patients, who are not able to express their concerns.  In this modern era there are a lot of technologies that are being used in different healthcare fields for paralyzed people. This paper proposed a model for paralyzed patient by considering Arduino with the integration of gyro sensors for the patient hand and finger movement. Patient can easily be connected with this device by sending his message to caretaker only by moving their hands into respective directions, or they can send their message by moving their fingers and feet. Through this device paralyzed patient will be able to convey their messages to caretakers, so they can assist the patient. This system will enhance the medical care to those patients who are even not able to convey their message. 


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